Product Series

  • Infection Control Products

    Infection Control Products

    Contributing to infection control from various aspects, such as single package, based on the concept of ’1 treatment, 1 item’ to reduce the infection risk, and a wide product range adapted to various usage in medical fields, and easy to use and high-quality Products are delivered.

  • Kit (Custom Procedure Packs)

    Kit Products

    The medical devices are required for various operations and procedures. We propose kit products that meet the individual needs and customize parts according to the purpose to contribute to efficient inventory control.

  • Surgical/Gause-Related Products

    Surgical/Gause-Related Products

    Gauze is a multi-purpose product used in various medical scenes such as surgery and treatment. In order to provide products that fit into each scene, our products will meet individual needs in detail. Using the best gauze for each medical field will help you create an environment where you can concentrate on your work.

  • Absorbent Cotton Products

    Absorbent Cotton Products

    In addition to sterile and non-sterile absorbent cottons, we offer a diverse lineup of sizes to meet your needs. You can choose the product that best suits your needs.

  • Bandages

    Bandages Products

    we have products of diverse lineup of sizes with different materials and features according to the application.

  • Plasters

    Adhesive Tapes Products

    We examine ingredients to care about allergic reaction. We provide high quality of wound dressing products and have a variety of products with waterproof and excellent transparency.

  • Maternity Products

    Gynecology-Related Products

    In addition to focusing on ease of use and functions. We aim to create products that can be used safely by delicate moms and babies.

  • Nursing Care Products

    Nursing Care Products

    With the increasing importance of nursing care products, we develop and provide products that satisfy those who need nursing care and participate in care.

  • Other Products

    Other Products

    We offer a wide range of products from medical elastic stocking to medical devices that is used at home after discharge from the hospital.

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